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Release Nepal
What is release nepal?

We are an agency specializing in digital content management and distribution.

Years of experience has taught us with the core process of digital content management and its distribution to reap in the most out of any digital content. Be it music, music videos, movies, series, etc. we can help you get most value out of your digital content.

Music Videos

We do the right content management and distribution.

With the help of vast national and international network of partner distribution agencies and aggregators, we ensure that every content is managed, distributed and handled right in order to create best revenue of any digital content. We specialize in marketing strategy creation, rights management and distribution of digital content.


Core services here at release nepal.

Consulting & Strategy Development

We provide you with comprehensive consulting in strategy development for your content selling.

Content Placement into Market

Plan and place your content into market to reap in the benefit from it.

Rights Management

We specialize in copyright protection and dispute management for contents which is rightfully yours.

Rolalties and Rights

Your content is yours, with us you can claim all your publishing royalties, revenue and manage your rights for the content and we will deal with disputes for you.

Content Distribution

With us, distribute your content to various national and international platforms to get right value for your content.

Content Distribution

Distribute your content to various national and international platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube, TikTok, etc. and get change to earn more.

Our Current Works

We distribute music too..

Music & Music Video Distributions


Our Partners